Every person, no matter whether that person is a boy or girl, wants to do this thing for their partner. The wish or idea which you have, that wish is not only yours but, every person who is in a relationship that person has that wish. Every boy wants to do that thing which makes his girlfriend very happy. But making a girlfriend happy and impressing is not an easy task for any boyfriend, not only you. But the best thing about you is that you are searching for everything, an idea by the use of which you can make your girlfriend impress you. You will get that idea from here, which is not only to make your girlfriend impressed and happy but to surprise her as well. So you are going to get a lot of things with a single idea. This type of thing very rarely happens in his life, but you are going to get this type of thing. There are a lot of ideas, which you get here and that you can do for your girlfriend. 

Give surprise gift 

If you want to impress someone with your surprise, then nothing can be better for you than giving the surprise gift to the person. The same thing you can do for your girlfriend also, you can give anything to her. You may be thinking that there is no special occasion, or event on which you can give the surprise gift to her. But you don’t need to take stress, you can give them any surprise gift, and when you are giving the gift you can tell her that this is your pre-birthday gift or post-birthday gift. You can buy birthday gifts online also, which you give as a surprise gift. You can say whatever you want to say to her, so this thing you can also do for your girlfriend. So giving a surprise gift to your girlfriend, the surprising idea you can do for making your girlfriend impressed. 

Perform a PDA

Every time giving a gift or planning something romantic is not only a way of making your girlfriend impressed with your surprise. But you can make your girlfriend impressed with your little things also. You may be very curious about knowing that little thing, with the help of that you can impress your girlfriend. So what you can do, you can perform a PDA with your girlfriend. The PDA is something that every couple doesn’t want to do, but you can do this thing with your girlfriend. This thing is going to make your girlfriend very impressed with you. Because performing PDA isn’t an easy thing, that you do with your girlfriend and this thing your girlfriend knows. So performing PDA surprising ideas you can also do to impress your girlfriend. 

Scatter flower in her room 

If you don’t want to go out and surprise your girlfriend in front of others, then what you can do. There are things also, which you can do with your girlfriend in her room also. You can order flower online to impress your girlfriend.  So what you need to do, you just need to order some flowers online or you can buy them from a local shop also. So you can choose whatever flowers are the favourite of your girlfriend, and then scatter that flower in the room of your girlfriend. When your girlfriend sees this surprise of yours, then she is going to be very impressed with you. 

Breakfast bed for her

Normally, what we see is mostly women or girls cooking food for their boyfriend or husband. But what you can do for your girlfriend, you can prepare a breakfast bed for her. This is something, which your girlfriend never thinks of, you can do this thing for her. But you can do this thing for her, and not only do you just prepare the breakfast bed, but you feed her also. So this thing when you do, then she is going to be very impressed with you. 

You become impressed after just reading the idea, then you just think about your girlfriend, who is going to witness this thing. Your girlfriend is not only going to witness this thing, but the special thing is that all these things are only for her. So you just think, how happy she is going to become, and if she becomes happy. Then it means she becomes surprised with your ideas and impressed with your ideas also. This is the only thing you want for your girlfriend, and you get the thing which you want, then what you want more. So you use the ideas for your girlfriend to impress her.

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