Flowers and other vegetation represent emotions, ideas, and actions. Flowers have their meanings, and surrounding yourself with flowers representing things you want or value might help you feel better. Flower symbolism can assist you in selecting more meaningful and individualized decor and gifts. Symbolism is also vital when choosing plants for one of life’s most important events, such as a wedding or other ceremony. Another consideration when choosing a plant or floral present, different hues have distinct meanings. We’ve included the history of plant symbolism, the meaning of the most common flowers, and printable flower symbolism wall art to gift or keep for yourself to give you a better picture of what each plant symbolizes.


Lavender, the ultimate peace flower, is mesmerizing. It comes in various colors, including blue, white, pink, and purple. These flowers are known to provide harmony and calm. Along with ease, the lovely blossoms represent serenity and power. Lavender is a beautiful flower for peace that you can present to a loved one or someone you want to repair ties with.


The gorgeous violets have varied connotations in many cultures and religions. They are regarded as a symbol of peace, dedication, loyalty, and healing. Violets are regarded as a gesture of affection and respect in Roman culture for those who have died.

They also believed that the lovely perennial flowers would bring comfort to the souls of those who had died. The lovely blossoms give off a serene feeling and touch the hearts of onlookers with pure pleasure and delight.

Peace Lilies 

Peace lilies, which are members of the genus Spathiphyllum, are common houseplants long-lasting and simple to care for. They are associated with the Virgin Mary, Jesus’ mother, and have acquired the added connotation of life beyond death in the Christian tradition. According to some people, they’re best recognized for their tear-shaped white or yellow leaves, which have come to signify peace due to their likeness to the white surrender flag. Order flowers online as these are also a symbol of wealth.


Periwinkle is so strong-willed that it refuses to be contaminated by contaminants. To put it another way, it protects its integrity at any cost. When you give someone a periwinkle as a gift, you’re expressing your undying love for them. There’s something particularly charming about the color periwinkle, which is without a doubt a kind gesture. Periwinkle is carefree, joyful, and optimistic, and she doesn’t take herself too seriously. After all, sweating the small stuff is pointless. Periwinkle is patient and understanding when it comes to dealing with challenges.


After a series of stressful occurrences, Red Hibiscus can help us rediscover hope and find relief. It helps us see the light at the end of the tunnel and recognize how these experiences contribute to our development. When numerous life-changing events occur in a sequence, we can recreate or mold into a new person. This has a good side: it can offer us the feeling of a new beginning. Hibiscus flower aids us in turning a new leaf into a new chapter of our lives while maintaining the wisdom we’ve learned from difficult experiences. It permits us to start over with a new outlook.

White Roses 

White is the lightest hue of roses; thus, it’s the first color that comes to mind while learning about rose color meanings. White roses are a sign of calm and serenity. It’s also been linked to new beginnings, and it’s a popular choice for the online flower delivery. White roses are often used to express respect and honor in western cultures, such as at funerals and memorial events.

White Gerbera Daisies 

When you are in love with someone important in your life, it seems like you are at ease. On the other hand, these white flowers symbolize calm and tranquility.

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