Lori Anne Allison– Johnny Depp’s former friend and music producer Bruce Witkin took the stand on Thursday, claiming that the actor had a jealous streak in him concerning his relationships with women. The latter additionally additional that he was at only once desirous of Nicolas Cage and Adam Ant.

The owner of the label Unison Music, Bruce Witkin, and Confederate soldier Depp became friends after they were bandmates in Florida. Their relationship turned bitter when the actor cut him off after a legal battle.

throughout Witkin’s time on the stand, he admitted to ne’er in person witnessing the actor physically abusing Heard. However, he did notice bruising on her arms following AN argument the couple had. Witkin said:

“It just looked like she was grabbed, finger marks.”

Witkin additional in court that Confederate soldier Depp “can have a jealous streak in him.” He suspect the actor of being suspicious of his ex-wife Lori Anne Allison’s (Witkin’s sister-in-law) relationship with Nicolas Cage and Adam Ant.

Witkin added that Depp had jealousy problems throughout his 14-year-long relationship with genus Vanessa Paradis. Witkin referred to as constant “ridiculous” and added:

“A lot of it was in his head and not in reality.”

throughout the defamation trial, Witkin additionally self-addressed Depp’s jealousy issues concerning Amber Heard. Witkin claimed that he couldn’t stand “what would go on” if detected were photography one thing Depp would disapprove of.

Who is Johnny Depp’s first wife, Lori Anne Allison?

throughout his teenaged years, the Pirates of the Caribbean star met Lori Anne Allison once he was within the band The Kids. Allison was the sister of the band’s bassist.

In 1983, the couple determined to tie the knot. Allison was twenty five years old, whereas Depp was simply twenty years old. the 2 traveled to l. a. along to create a career in the music industry. However, Allison had to modify gears when she became partly deaf. She went on to become a makeup creator within the movie industry with the assistance of her musician friends Adam pismire and Christina Applegate.

She debuted as a makeup artist in the 1992 film Sunset Heat. Since then, she has worked in different films, together with the 1995 moving picture Cyber Bandits.

whereas operating as an MUA, she introduced Confederate soldier Depp to Nicolas Cage, who helped Depp land a task in the Nightmare on Elm Street.

Lori Anne Allison additionally tried acting. She asterisked within the final Lie, Supreme Court of Comedy, and get up to Cancer.

It looks like Confederate soldier Depp ANd Allison couldn’t create their relationship work. the 2 split in 1985.

Lori Anne Allison went on to become an businessperson and opened her beauty line referred to as good fortune Lip Glosses in 2015. She additionally ran her own cake business called D’Cups.

However, it looks that the two didn’t finish their wedding on a bitter note. In lightweight of the recent abuse allegations against Depp, Allison claimed Depp was a “soft person” who would ne’er interact in aggressive behavior.

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