By the time they turn 50, around 85% of males will have significant hair thinning. Before they age 21, some guys start to lose theirs.

Males are becoming more conscious of the need to manage their hair correctly, which is why hair is becoming increasingly important to men. It’s critical to remember that maintaining and caring for your hair is the only distinction between having men’s hair and having women’s hair. 

A significant element is maintaining a clean scalp. You want to keep it neat, just like any other part of your body. However, you want to stay moderate because doing so could harm your hair by removing vital oils.

If you consistently maintain your hair regularly, it won’t take much time, just like many other things. Regular washing, moisturizing as needed, and using the most effective products will all be very beneficial. Get the best shampoo for your hair and scalp type because not all shampoos are created equal. Many products are available in the market, and scalp serum for hair growth is one of them. 

Causes Of Men’s Hair Loss


Your genetics heavily influences how much hair loss you’ll experience as you get older. But there are other causes of baldness, including stress levels, diet, and drugs. Although there is no way to stop genetic hair loss, there are things you can take to minimize it and enhance your hair growth potential. 

Stressed Mind

Hair loss that could endure for several months can be caused by sudden or extreme weight loss, severe physical or emotional stress, surgery, or even fever and the flu.

Low Immune System   

You might have alopecia areata, a genetic illness if you experience sudden hair loss that produces circular, quarter-sized bald spots all over your head. Often, it starts in early life. If a close relative has it, you are also more likely to have it.

Small patches of hair emerge due to your body’s immune system attacking your hair follicles. There is no discomfort or illness involved, and it is not spreadable. Your hair might regrow, but it might also start to fall out again. 


Traction alopecia, also known as transient hair loss, can occur when the hair near the scalp is pulled tightly when wearing a ponytail, braids, or cornrows. Perms and hot oil treatments may also harm your hair follicles. 

Scalp Infection 

Most of the time, hair loss after a scalp infection is transient. Hair loss may be permanent in more challenging situations or with certain disorders if the hair follicles suffer irreversible harm. It’s critical to consult a dermatologist as soon as you start to have symptoms. 

Medical Issue 

Temporary hair loss may indicate a health concern, such as thyroid or anaemia. Hair thinning can also result from a diet lacking protein and iron. If you have lupus or diabetes, your hair loss risk increases. 

Effective Ways To Treat Hair falling Problems in Men’s 

Hair Oiling 

Reduce hair loss and promote growth by massaging your hair with coconut oil, argan oil, peppermint oil, and castor oil (1). For hot oil treatment, you can also heat the oil. It penetrates your scalp’s deepest layers, reactivates hair follicles, and fortifies hair at the root.

Homemade Hair Mask 

Use a DIY hair mask to hydrate, calm, and revitalize your hair roots after a scalp massage. Depending on how convenient it is for you, you can do this once or twice a week.

Use Right Hair Shampoo

Use a mild herbal or medicated shampoo to wash your hair after an oil massage or mask. It will lessen excess oil and dandruff.

With your fingertips, rub your scalp in a circular motion. Scrunch the hair strands while shampooing; do not rub them. Additionally, shampoo your hair twice weekly to remove any buildup or grime. 

Apply Conditioner After Every Wash

Use a hydrating and nourishing conditioner after shampooing. Do not apply it to your scalp; only your hair strands. Before rinsing, let it sit for 10 minutes. Every time you wash your hair, carry out this.

Additionally, you can apply a homemade deep-conditioning hair mask once each week. Combine milk and honey. It should be applied to your hair and left in for 20 minutes. For your hair’s protection, put on a shower hat. Use a gentle shampoo on your hair before conditioning it.

Use Wooden Comb

After your hair has dried, carefully untangle any knots with a wooden wide-toothed comb to avoid hair loss from the static electricity generated by plastic combs. Also, avoid brushing your hair when wet because the hair roots are delicate and soft, and your hair might easily fall out. If you have tangles, comb from bottom to top. 

Wrapping Up

Your hair can become stronger by changing your food and lifestyle and regularly taking care of your scalp and hair. In turn, this will lessen hair loss and promote hair growth. To get decent results, use the strategies mentioned above. Consult a doctor if the disease worsens or if you have a lot of hair falling out. On the other hand, the market available hair-treated products, but not all are safe. You can try MD Factor’s best hair growth products for men to get a better result. 

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