You know one of those days when you’re really upset and there isn’t a particular reason why? Every little thing seems to be so annoying and you feel like giving up on everything and just locking yourself away at home? Well, if it’s any comfort, we all have those days, and we all feel extremely frustrated too. After all, it’s not like you can just make rash decisions and quit your job on the spot or leave your responsibilities and just run away. Understandably, you feel down the whole day and now that you’re home, you want to watch something uplifting and relax.

While movies and TV shows can also be pretty uplifting and fun to watch, animated movies have their own charm. Two whole generations grew up with Disney and Pixar hits and even today, these movies are enjoyed repeatedly while the newer animations released by Disney are also just as loved! So, of course, we had to write this article highlighting the best-animated movies so that you know which movies to watch to uplift your mood. Of course, these movies can be watched and enjoyed on any other day as well as that is the charm of an animated movie!


One of the newest animated films made by Disney, Encanto is undoubtedly a masterpiece! The story follows the madrigal family and specifically Mirabel Madrigal, who is the only normal girl in her gifted family. Mirabel realizes that the house and the “miracle” are in danger and so, she sets out to save them. The movie is packed with addictive songs that will make you want to get up and dance along with the characters!

Aside from the wonderful animation, and addictive songs, you can see that the storyline is masterfully created and executed. That is exactly what makes this movie touching as it shows a tale of generational trauma and healing. It also touches upon the topic of family expectations and peer pressure. The movie is sure to lift your mood and leave you feeling much better than before you started watching it! 


The Lego Movie

If you want to have a big laugh and love cute things, The Lego Movie is what you need to watch ASAP! Packed with an A-list cast, the movie follows Emmet’s story, a cheerful and very normal fellow, as he is swept away from his everyday life and has to take down the evil businessman from destroying his world and everything he loves. 

The movie is packed with humor and comedy and makes for a great laugh. The storyline is written in such a way that it feels like something your child would come up with and this is what makes it more unexpected, funny, and entertaining. Let’s not forget, since it’s The Lego Movie, everything is quite literally Lego which makes everything ten times more adorable.


Luca, also one of the newest animated films released by Disney, depicts a beautiful story of friendship and family. Luca, the protagonist, meets Alberto, another sea monster like himself. While Alberto is a confident boy who lives “above the surface”, Luca is a fearful yet curious boy. Little by little, Luca overcomes his fear and sneaks off to play with Alberto above the surface. Unfortunately, Luca’s parents discover his secret, and just before they decide to send him off to the deep with his uncle, Luca runs away (or swims away, in this case) and goes to a “human town” with Alberto.

With colorful and attractive animation, the movie has a wonderful storyline showing the importance of being understanding and sometimes even compromising on your hopes and dreams. The movie also teaches about acceptance and is sure to leave the viewer with warm, fuzzy feelings!


At this point, we can say Disney has a knack for making most of the iconic animated films we have ever seen and this includes not just the latest movies, but also the old ones! Mulan is a movie that most millennials and even Gen Z have watched growing up. A woman who disguises herself as a man to go to war in her weak father’s stead sounds like quite the tale. If you haven’t watched this movie, which seems like a very slim chance, you definitely should now. On the contrary, if you have watched the movie, there’s no rule that you can’t watch and enjoy it again!

Mulan was released in 1998 and its sequel was released in 2004. Much later, a live-action film for Mulan was also released in 2020, and it wasn’t very well received. When we talk about Mulan here, we’re talking about the animated film of 1998. The animation is attractive and the storyline is meaningful and packed with the importance of love and respect for family and traditions. 

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse

Calling all Marvel fans! While Marvel doesn’t usually release animated movies and focuses more on real-life action movies like The Avengers, this movie was produced by Sony Pictures Animation and Columbia Pictures in association with Marvel Entertainment. The movie is about a boy named Miles Morales who learns to transition into his new role as Spider-Man with the help of Spider-people from parallel universes. The movie is nothing short of a masterpiece with its unique animation style and captivating colors and storyline.

Aside from this, the movie is also the first animated film in the Spider-Man franchise and it required a team of about 140 animators! That number is so far the largest crew used by Sony Pictures Animation! The reason there were so many animators on board is because of the unique animation style of the film, which is a mix of computer animation combined with traditional hand-drawn comic book techniques. While this is technically a part of Marvel, this movie was enjoyed even by non-Marvel fans! Once you watch the movie, you will see what the hype is about and if you have already watched it, then we’ve got some good news for you: Two sequels to this film are set to be released; one in October 2022 and the other, sometime in 2023!

Which channels to watch them on?

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What are you waiting for?

Are you still here? Well, what are you waiting for? Now that you have the list of animated movies, go ahead and start watching! We said it before and we’ll say it again: Even if you have watched these movies a few times before, you can still enjoy them again! After all, in this busy life, nobody has time to re-watch a lot of movies and this is finally the perfect opportunity to do just that! So, turn on the TV, grab your popcorn or nachos (or both!) and get watching! 

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